Nuestro Oculto Sentido (N.O.S) Was born by the first half of 2013, with a musical proposal
enrooted on metal genre, but without lock up at any branch, because of the versatility of their
sound. As time passed by, the band started to work in the composition of own melodies which
later end up in a Demo which included five own songs, recorded on Doble B studios, and
released by the end of 2014.

During that year, the band did several gigs, with referents of the genre like HORCAS, PLAN 4 and
others. Besides NOS had the pride to represent Cordoba in Festival Metal Para Todos on their
seventh (2014) and Eighth (2015) editions, invited by the producer of the event, and sharing
stage with the biggest bands of the country.

From 2016, N.O.S. makes a massive change on image and an important tightness on sound
terms. To show this new way of working, the band releases an EP with three songs as an
advance of their new material, exclusive for press. This material was recorded and mastered in
AV Estudio, by the hand of Matias Takaya who also played the role of musical producer.

Should be noted that from this material in advance, arised a video-lyric of the song
“EL EXPERIMENTO” (based in the Russian sleep experiment in the 40’s), produced in Estudios NUR.

From 2017, the band achieves important presentations with local musicians, nation and
worldwide, sharing stage with NIGHT DEMON (USA) and KATAKLYSM (Canada) amongst others.
As the year passed by, the production of the debut album was concluded and presented
officially in Vorterix Cordoba, and was called DESPERTARES, which is available in CD and in every
digital platform.

In 2018, the band announced on their official social media, two formation changes in the band.
Nath Bloother as new singer, and Mauro Muñoz in Guitar, who arrived in NOS to give a new
image and tighten the message that the band wants to transmit.

After shared stage with Vader, the band performs the official presentation of DESPERTARES in
Cordoba capital. After the event, the band decides to take a rest and restructure, incorporating
Marcelo Muñoz in Guitars and Jose Salas in vocals, formation announced in July 2019.

Pelo Salas - Vocals
Marcos Lipez - Bass
Mauro Muñoz - Guitars
Marcelo Muñoz - Guitars
Alejandro Miconi - Drums

2020 - NOS - Nuestro Oculto Sentido
Córdoba - Argentina